GRHEN and Rainbow Warrior This Round….

By / October 18, 2015 / Bethany Lakes, Bluegill, Sunfish

Headed to Bethany Lakes this morning to try out a GRHEN and Rainbow Warrior Tandem Rig. We used the GRHEN as the lead fishing fly and the Rainbow Warrior as the trailer.

Started fishing the rig under an indicator; worked well but opted to remove the indicator as we were fishing the shallow pool by the Waterfall. It was mainly little Bluegill and Sunfish that were putting up a nice fight on a “short” 5 foot 4-WT Rod/Reel Combo.

Later, fished the main pond and caught more little Bluegill and Sunfish; we did get one nice sized Bluegill that went for the Rainbow Warrior but overall it was micro-sized fish this round!

Really liking the Rainbow Warrior pattern; good to see it works on little Panfish as well as 20″ Rainbow Trout!

Till next time… Good Luck and Good Fishing!

Bluegill goes for a Rainbow Warrior!

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