Griffith’s Gnat on a Caddis Hook Keeps Working…! #flyfishing #trout

By / December 28, 2016 / Bethany Lakes, Waterloo Park Pond

Fished the Griffith’s Gnat on a caddis hook on Monday at Waterloo and was able to get a limit. Fished the same fishing fly at Bethany on Tuesday and limited out too!

Monday we tried fly fishing an ultralight spinning gear. After trying different fishing flies, came back to the fishing fly that worked for us last time we fished Waterloo – the COAF Griffith’s Gnat. This time the trout wanted movement in the fishing fly and soon was able to limit out with five trout.

For the ultralight spinning gear, we tried Super Dupers and Power Bait. Was able to land two using Power Bait. Did hook but lose two while landing them. Also, had one strike on a Power Worm.

Tuesday with the weather being so nice, decided to fish Bethany. Was not sure how the trout were biting as the Cormorant have been feeding on them. However, we lucked out – the trout were biting!

For us, sight casting to passing schools of trout and then slowly dragging the fishing fly in the water was triggering strikes! Did see others doing well with bread and another fisherman using a Bubble-Fly Rig to hook a few trout as well.

Overall, two days of short-sleeve weather in December fishing for trout cannot be beat!

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Was out a Waterloo last Wednesday and had a day like you did. Lots of short bites but still manage about 20. Fun but dang windy.


Cool… the trout seem finicky this stocking. Was at Bethany today and limited out using Griffith's Gnats and a PMC Emerger. Ran out of Gnats after losing them to tree fish.


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