Griffith’s Gnat and a PMC Emerger at Bethany…! #flyfishing #troutfishing

By / December 28, 2016 / Bethany Lakes

Trout were moving about and feeding on the surface at Bethany this morning. After working different parts of the pond, settled in on the “point” and was able to limit out sight casting to passing schools.

Caught two on a Griffith’s Gnat, then ran out of the fishing fly… too many “tree fish” liking the fishing flies. Switched to a PMC Emerger – a fly we used on the Blue River in the past on trout actively feeding on/near the water surface. Was able to get three more to make a limit!

The PMC Emerger is a variant that uses black tying thread, a small piece of white foam as an indicator, and grizzly hackle.  Add the hook, and that is all it takes to make one!

Since the action shots were cut short when we ran out of battery, did add pictures on how we tie the PMC Emerger for anyone interested in tying their own. Simple fly, simple tie!

#flytying tonight. Need to refill on #griffithsgnat & #pmcemerger for those stocker #trout

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