Heritage Park Strike Out…. But a Great Brunch Was Had!

By / December 9, 2017 / Fishing

Made it to Heritage Park in Flower Mound today and in short order struck out. No trout this round! Did see trout, did see other catch them, but yours truly did not. No worries had a great time getting some casting practice with the OPST Skagit Line. Still learning but getting better every trip.

Water was clear and you could see the trout react to your bait, lure, or fishing fly. But, for some reason the preferred bait was corn. There was one fisherman who limited out quickly with a “mystery bait”… so the trout are there!

Below is a brief snippet of today… all was good despite the strikeout, Brunch made up for it!


Struck out #fishing for stocked #trout today. still had fun, plus had a great #brunch at #lepeep

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