Welcome to Stocker Trout Fishing!

Our intent is to collate information about fishing for stocked Rainbow Trout – specifically, in North Texas.

In addition, we will include fishing reports when we make a dash across the border to Oklahoma, take road trips to the Guadalupe River in our home state of Texas, and on local trips to stocking locations in North Texas.

Moreover, we plan to post information we hope is useful to Readers interested in fishing for stocked Trout!

PS: Since the Winter Trout Stocking Season in Texas typically runs from late November/December to early March, do check back in the off season. We plan to shift to warm water fishing and will continue to post updates from the Field Team.

Also, since trout fishing is seasonal for our area, we will post off season fishing trips to our local ponds, lakes, and rivers as well as the occasional run to the Texas Coast.

Do browse our website, and do let us know how the fishing is in your area. We look forward to hearing from you!

Good Luck and Good Fishing!

COAF Field Team