Hopper/Stone-fly Foam Cutter #flytying

By / February 20, 2018 / Fishing

Rainy day, so what better way to spend a moment checking out the latest Feather Craft Catalog. Got reeled in and bought a foam ant tying kit that makes 24 foam ants like the Betts version. And then, bought the Hopper/Stone-fly Foam Cutter in size 10. Going to use them to make the Foam Grasshopper that we cut by hand. This should makes things goa little quicker.

It’s a Stonefly pattern but plan to reverse the foam body so the narrow end is to the rear of the hook and the wider end is toward the front by the hook’s eye. Should make for some loud popping noises.

So far, been liking the Beavertail and Damsel/Dragon Fly Cutters… this should do double duty for Grasshoppers and Stone-flies! Will post a pic of how they turnout once the package arrives!


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