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Here is an updated variation on the Sabiki Slab and Jig Rig that we have been using for kayak fishing and surfcasting from lake points over the years.

The rig still uses three different monofilament lines – 30lbs, 20lbs, and 12lbs test. And, it still uses a Slab lure and three Jigs. The only difference is we no longer pass the dropper line for the jig through the overhand knots tied on the main line.

Instead, we jam the uni-knot against the overhand knots and one of the barrel knots. This makes for a quick re-tie when a jig breaks off.

We continue to favor this setup as the 20lbs test line to the slab will breaks off, saving the 30lbs mainline and jigs in the event of a snag.

Moreover, the 12lbs droppers will breakoff before the 30lbs mainline also saving us from re-tying the entire rig while on the water!

Do try it out!