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Howdy from Fshng84!

The Team has opted to use the StockerTroutFishing.com‘s Weblog to post updates from the field. CityOfAllenFishing.Blogspot.com remains available to Readers; do feel free to navigate the website and its archive!

Additionally, I plan to assume the role as Weblog Admin. Kudos to our former Weblog Admin! She volunteered to help us start this website.

Outstanding job, and we wish you all the best in Austin as you continue your education at the “other school down the road”!

Sincerely, Fshng84 and the Field Team

In keeping with providing updates from the field, here is one from today….

Ice On The Water This Round

NucLaroche and I were debating where to fish last night. We noted two locations were stocked recently in our area – specifically, Ablon Pond in Garland on 8 January and Trinity Park in Fort Worth on 7 January.

That said, when we hit the road in the morning, the freezing temperatures and an urge to have breakfast tacos distracted us.

We ended up heading up Hwy 75 to Denison’s Waterloo Park Pond. It was stocked last week, so we anticipated the Trout would be biting still. And, since the pond was small, we could focus on finding the pattern instead of finding the fish.

Also, there were a couple of taquerias along our route in the cities of Allen and McKinney that we had not tried as of yet. Our goal was to find breakfast tacos served with a red sauce and a green sauce like the ones we get at the Sac N Pac on FM 306 and Purgatory Road when we are down South fishing the Guadalupe River.

When we arrived at Waterloo Park Pond, we noticed a sheet of ice covered parts of the pond; however, the Trout were biting! Both of us limited out, I just took longer to catch a limit by choice of course ;-)….

NucLaroche used Ultralight Spinning Gear and PowerBait to catch his five. I used a 4-Weight Fly Rod to try out a new fly reel bought online the other day.

NucLaroche limited out quickly but the action was slow for me at first. Once I switched from a Size 14 to a Size 12 BH GRHEN fished on a dead drift under a strike indicator, I had a number of strikes but kept missing the hook set.

After limiting out, I used a Tenkara Rod and managed to catch and release one last Trout before calling it a day. The Trout were well within range of the limited distance of the rod.

Overall, we had a fun time fishing despite the cold temps. At one point, I had to break the ice from my rod guides. And, although we did not find the breakfast tacos like the ones from the Sac N Pac, it was good to get outside and fish!

Even better, I met a couple of Texas Fishing Forum Members… a shout out to Stephen and Oscar. It was great talking with you Stephen; hope to see you again in the Field!

And, it was good to see you again Oscar… looks like we’ve crossed paths at the Blue River, Turner Falls, and now Waterloo this season!

To our Readers, here is a video clip of today’s action and a picture of today’s catch. No Bruisers this round but we sincerely believe any day fishing beats work! Till next round…

Good Luck and Good Fishing!


Today’s Catch



6 thoughts on “Howdy From Fshng84…. Ice On The Water This Round!

  1. Great meeting you yesterday and watching the “master” at work…..Swing and a miss!!! LOL. Hey maybe with some advanced notice we can meet up and you can school me in the fine art of North Texas fishing; if you don’t mind company.

    It was crazy cold yesterday and it was funny how both of us went through the same procedure when we could not cast as well as we can.

    Take care and see you on the water.

    1. Great meeting you, too. It was a tough round, with lots of swings and misses by yours truly!

      Not sure how much I can school you on North Texas fishing but sounds like another opportunity to go fishing! Other than short quick trips, I plan to fish the trout stockings at Frisco, Prosper, McKinney, and Murphy, normally targeting the day of their Trout derbies or the day after. Gets crowded but still lots of fun.

      I suspect there will be more chances to break ice from our rod guides before Spring rolls around. However, we can then switch to kayak fishing/trolling for Stripers on Texoma!

      All the best and see you on the water!
      Fshng84 aka “Ready for more batting practice”

      1. Yea I was swinging and missing myself a lot!

        What was so funny for me was when I started "hack" casting and didn't know why. Man was I ever embarrassed on how bad my fly was slamming the water. Dang ice.

        I may hit up Waterloo once more before going over to the lakes closer to home, Frisco, Towne, and Prosper then try my luck at White Bass in the creeks.

        I too have a kayak and, like I said before, if you don't mind the company, I'd like to join you up at Texoma of you go, just hit me up on an e-mail a head of time.

        We will see eachother again on the water and soon. Take care

  2. Hi Glenn!

    It was nice to see you in Waterloo. Thank you for the advise about the "hot" fly for the day. After you left, I caught about 15 trouts. I left about 4:30pm, I couldn't feel my hands anymore!

    It was fun! Nice website! lot's of helpful information!
    Oscar – OSEDMA at The Texas Fishing Forum

    1. Hi Oscar!

      I lucked into the pattern after changing fishing flies several times, and dealing with the cold temps. Good to hear about catching 15!

      Had the same issue with cold hands and lost feeling.

      Lots of fun still, and thanks on the website, we keep posting information!

      See you in the Field again! Hopefully soon!

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