iFishNews Fishing Podcast 12 – Micro Fly Rods and Micro Fly Fishing

By / June 21, 2020 / Fishing

This rounds iFishNews Fishing Podcast we talk about micro fly rods that we use for micro fly fishing on our local ponds. Several DIY rods we have made by converting Pen Rods, repurposing a broken fly rod, and building one with an ice fishing blank and wine corks for the rod handle.

Recently, courtesy of a Viewer’s tip to use practice fly rods from Orvis and Redington, we have started mounting 2wt and 4wt fly reels to make a micro fly rod.

Simple zip ties to hold the reels to the rods makes for a quick conversion to fly fishing rod instead of practice rods!

Below is a link that shows how we converted a Pen Rod to a Micro Fly Rod:

Additionally, here is a past video where we caught a nice catfish using the re-purposed broken fly rod: https://youtu.be/I16KkjXkbcI

Also, here are links to Amazon showing the practice fly rods we converted to micro fly rods:
Redington Form: https://amzn.to/3esIjV2
Orvis Practicaster: https://amzn.to/2YkqMbD

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