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This round we provide another update on the Team’s fishing activities this past week! Temps are in the 100s but somehow we have made the effort to continue fishing or at least do things related to fishing.

We started out making much needed repairs to our Cast Net, broken braille lines and temp fixes were hindering our abililty to use fresh shad for Stripers, Gar, and Catfish!

Next, the GoFish Camera arrived, have started fish scouting local ponds with some promising results. Hope to twaek our rig to get better action shots and clearer video of the fish.

And then, the Saturday trip to Lake Lavon made for some fun times catching Catfish on juglines for the Beer Batter Fish Fry that evening… plus a nice Gar went for one of our lines; fun time playing with that one before finally releasing it.

Have more things – fishing things, to do this next week. Do check back for another update!