A new and improved version of iFishNews is available. It offers an expanded view of fishing news and does not limit itself to North Texas. Do check it out when you get the opportunity!

The info provided is updated more often than the previous monthly periodicity.

It was our intent to offer Readers a single source for information on search results that we use when planning a fishing trip and/or staying up to date on the latest happenings in the fishing recreation!

Also, there is an Archive in the version that allows Readers quick access to older editions of iFishNews. Feel free to look around!

Thank you for the support!

The Field Team


Mixing things up as Spring approaches, started an online “newspaper” at iFishNews.com! Will do what we can to keep it informative but not too “wordy” either.

Want too spend more time fishing outdoors and less time sitting indoors in front of a computer!

iFishNews Issues: