iFishRadio Q&A Beta Test on Spreaker – Revisited!

By / December 14, 2015 / Fishing

We continue to work through issues with the Spreaker’s Chat feature and the connectivity of iFishRadio. We believe we have identified a workaround for taking questions from Listeners and resolved the connectivity issue.

We have embedded an audio player in this post which will allow you to listen to our broadcast from our website. If you have a question, please submit a comment using the Comments box of this post.

Although the site is moderated, we will receive the comment and be able answer your question while on the air!

For planning purposes, we would like to re-start the beta test at 10PM Central! Thanks again for your patience!


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Thanks again for everyone's patience! This is the Comments box that we will use for taking questions from Listeners.


Hi Tom –
Depends on the size but for the smaller 9"-13" stockers, we either cut the heads or gill them, and then remove the guts instead of filleting.

When cooking them, we salt and pepper and then pan fry for about 5" to 8" per side.

Will post more on the different ways we clean and cook them.

Thanks for the question!


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