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iFishRadio is our online radio station that the Team uses to provide audio updates to our Readers. For recent shows and Podcasts, see us online at iFishRadio!


Also, check out archived episodes in the BlogTalkRadio embedded player and Podcast list below:

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iFishRadio Podcasts (2015 beta test):
December 8, 2015

iFishRadio Podcasts (2014):
COAF Fishing Summary – Episode 1

COAF Fishing Summary – Episode 2

Onsite Podcast at Bethany Lakes – December 25, 2014

Onsite Podcast at Bethany Lakes – December 26, 2014

Note: Podcast audio quality is poor for Episode 1 and 2; we have resolved the issue. Audio quality for the Onsite Podcast is better. Going forward future podcast should be better as well. Thanks for your patience.


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