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Able to get the jon boat prepared for a round of jug line fishing at the local lake – Lake Lavon. Put in at Highland Park, and had a fun time catching catfish for the beer batter fish fry recipe we like.

Caught seven catfish – one Channel Catfish and six Blue Catfish. All went for fresh caught shad that we caught with the cast net at the boat ramp. It was windy but luckily able to fish the leeward side of the point to minimize time in the windy areas.

Catfish were taken in shallow water – 4-6 feet, as well as further out in about 6-10 feet of water. Did catch and release a Crappie and a White Bass.

No worries had more than enough for dinner that evening… beer batter fish fry recipe and the homemade tartar sauce still makes a tasty dinner! Hope to be back out again, especially with the new “fish finder” – Charlie the Maltese Doggie!

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