Kayak Fished Brockdale Park Saturday

By / August 2, 2015 / Kayak Fishing, Lake Lavon

Put in at Brockdale Park Saturday afternoon and went kayak fishing. Was a late start but almost immediately after launching noticed lots of fish activity on the surface.

Used Sabiki Rigged Tube Fishing Flies and a Slab initially; had no takers, so removed the Slab and switched to Tube Fishing Flies and Crappie Jigs. Soon after, hooked up with a fish!

As it was a hot day, decided to take a water break. While doing so, set the rod down and let the lures bob up and down in the water as we drifted. Have done this often in the past. And, on occasion will get a fish to bite.

Turned out, one did this time. So, just in case, tried it again and got another strike. Did this several more times with similar results – basically we were vertically jigging!

Switched back to trolling and caught more undersized fish. Also, did some sight casting to boils that were happening frequently as well as more vertical jigging.

Lost count of the number of fish caught and released. Did have one breakoff that felt like a Keeper. Also, caught two Yellow Bass but opted to let them go. Of note this trip, were two “triples” today! Fun stuff!

Our Kayak Fishing Rig… Lightweight, only 38 pounds!

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