Kayak Fishing | New Zebco Slingshot Rod | Does it still Float?

By / June 3, 2021 / Fishing

Really liked the Zebco Slingshot Rod and Reel combo that goes for under $10. Bought two several years ago from Walmart for backup kayak fishing rods. By accident, learned the rod floats! Dropped it over the side when kayak fishing and recovered it readily because it floated! Purchased another rod last year for $9.98 as a backup trout fishing rod. Noticed the rod handle has a “skeleton” handle… no full foam handle like the older one. This past weekend bought another one for still $9.98. It has the skeleton handle. Wondered if the new rods float like the older rods… so did a quick test! #zebco #kayakfishing #fishing

Posted from Amazon for reference; check Walmart for their current price.

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