Kayak Fishing Saturday Afternoon

After striking out Saturday morning, we decided to try our luck kayak fishing back on Lake Lavon. We heard two boat ramps were open, including one we like that is nearest the Dam. Started out fishing several spots that we normally get strikes. Did not get any hits but at least we got a workout in.

Next, started working a rocky shoreline that looked promising. Sure enough started getting strikes! They were undersized White Bass, Yellow Bass, and Largemouth Bass. Still fun catching and releasing them.

Did get one keeper sized Catfish that went for a Crappie Jig! Caught it but decided to release it; was having fun just being back out on the Lake again!

PS: Used a Tandem Rig – Red/White Tube Fly Jig and Chartreuse Slab, a Tandem Rig – Chartreuse/White Crappie Jig and Chartreuse Slab, and then two Chartreuse/White Crappie Jigs also in a Tandem Rig. Most fish went for the Chartreuse/White Crappie Jig.

Double on a Tandem Rig – Tube Fly and Slab


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