Kayak Fly Fishing on Lake Lavon for White Bass! #flyfishing #kayakfishing

By / April 29, 2020 / Fishing

Had a fun time fishing Lake Lavon for White Bass on a fly rod Sunday morning. Water was glass smooth, making for an easier paddle to the fishing spot – water treatment plant’s drainage system.

Was hoping for a Largemouth Bass or two using the EmmRod and a Slab and Jig Rig. Had one strike but quickly fouled my line and broke off.

Switched to the fly rod and fished a Blue and White Clouser, and then a Chartreuse and White Clouser. No takers on either. Moved downstream from the drainage and switched the a pattern that I forgot its name and had a fun time catching White Bass on the fly!

Later, I recalled the name of the fishing fly…it’s a Denison Dam Dawber!

OPST Commando Head and the coated mono running line made the difference in casting from a sitting position in the kayak! Do keep one at the ready if you decide to kayak fly fish!

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