Kayak Jug Fishing… DIY Marker Buoy Jug Lines! #juglining #jugfishing

By / July 29, 2017 / Fishing

Finally got it done but it’s done! Posted the article on how we made the kayak jug fishing lines and why we are switching to them. We still have our other jug lines, but for jug fishing in a kayak, these are much easier to deploy in the limited space of the kayak. Also, we like how they can be dropped in the water and left to set itself, while we move on to set the next jug line!

Using the Jugger Jug Line design by Top Brass and combining it with the function of a Marker Buoy, we were able to make the Do-It-Yourself Marker Buoy Jug Lines using readily available material at our local stores. Plus with the relaxation of the white colored jug lines in Texas, any color but orange works but we are leaning toward pink/magenta… much easier to see compared to white especially when the wind is kicking up!

Do check it out, and do give it a try at making your own for kayak fishing!

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