Kroger Park to Test the new Fly Rod!

By / April 4, 2016 / Bass, Bluegill, Kroger Park

Ordered a 5 weight fly rod as a back up to the one that we repaired the other day. Repair worked but just in case wanted to have a back up 5 weight.

Had an old Eagle Claw Fly Rod in a 5 weight; could not find it for sale anymore. Saw the Eagle Claw Fish Skins Fly Rod in a 5 weight, 9′ length, and two pieces.

New rod arrived today, tested it out at Kroger Park… feels like the old Eagle Claw. Even can cast for distance quickly when needed!

Had a fun time catching Bluegill and little Bass. Did get one Bruiser Bluegill; posted it on the Fishing Bulletin Board!


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