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Back to Lake Lavon for more fishing. This round went kayak fishing with the jug lines, putting in at Highland Park. Was a calm morning on the lake when we started fishing, but later the wind kicked in.

Caught several Blue Catfish and Channel Catfish. Ended up keeping three Blue Catfish. Jug lines worked well as well as the Safety Pins for the Tennis Ball Stringer… worked much better putting fish on the stringer compared to the shower clips we used before.

Bite was steady with Gar taking more like stealing our shad. But, once we adjusted the jug line sets to fish the area near the trees, the bite picked up on Catfish!

Liking the jug lines when kayak fishing; mix of diy jug lines styles posted by  @LakeForkGuy  and  @Soat Mon 

Fun trip… do check it out!

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