Late Start But Did Get To Fish Today…!

By / December 30, 2017 / Fishing

Not able to fish the morning but did fish the afternoon. Opted for Lake Lewisville Ecological Learning Area this round. Recently stocked with trout; was hoping to hook one or two but it was not so… had two Buffalo go for a KDM Minnow but both got away before we could land them. Front rolled in while on the river; made for a chilly time. No worries… still a great time fishing a river! Even better… a package was waiting for us from Bass Pro Shops. Ordered a shooting head, running line, and backing for the 4 weight fly rod. Hope to fish it “skagit-style” one-handed like the 5 weight!


cold day,had two #fish on but lost them. still a great time #flyfishing at #llela

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