Latest from Australia… Steavenson River!

By / January 7, 2016 / Fishing

Good to see others are able to hook up in 2016! Received the latest from Steve in Australia. Although it was only one Trout, it still was a great day to be out fishing! Wish we could have been there too working a fishing fly in the river!

Steve writes:

About a week ago I fished another stretch of the Steavenson River near Marysville. I usually wade the part in and above the town which narrows up quickly and becomes difficult to fish due to the heavy stream side vegetation. This new, to me, stretch flowed through farmland and was wider and casting was much easier. Beautiful piece of water. I fished a bead head nymph under a Royal Humpy and got many hits from trout, mostly on the nymph as far as I could see. I landed one small rainbow trout but briefly hooked and lost 4 or 5 others. I think I can put this down to the 5/6wt outfit that I was using that is a bit too stiff. I have a better landing rate with a little 6’6″ 3/4wt rod that I usually use. Although I only landed and released the one trout, it was a really fine days fishing and I can see me returning to this spot in the very near future.

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