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By / September 3, 2015 / Fishing

Latest from Steve in Australia has rain in the forecast but Opening Day is just around the corner! Steve reports…

Went up to Marysville again last Sunday, this time to fish a new lake I’d been told about. This small lake is on the edge of a huge government pine plantation and cannot be seen from the road because of the trees. A lovely spot.

I fished an OZ Dragonfly Nymph on a spinning rod with a Crystal Cast float. This let me cast a decent distance and cut through the wind which was awkward at times. I hooked and released only the one fish but it was a beautiful wild brown trout. At first I thought I’d snagged the fly on some underwater vegetation but then the”snag” moved.

It’s always a buzz to catch wild fish. I saw other fish rising. I’ll definitely go back to this spot again soon. Another thing of interest were the fresh deer tracks that were on the track around the lake. I very occasionally see sambar deer when I’m driving home from Marysville at night.

Great report, great pictures, and good luck… all the best on Opening Day!

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