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By / February 23, 2018 / Fishing

Lots of rain recently has us indoors for the time being. Luckily, others are able to get a round or two fishing in their areas. Of note, is the latest update from our friend Steven in Australia! Looks like the fish are biting. Always great to hear from Steven and how the bite is going in OZ!

“Our weather is all over the place at the moment–hot, cold but not a lot of rain. It’s pretty windy outside so we might make sure nothing is in risk of blowing away.

Most of the local creeks and streams are pretty low and clear. The trout are there but very skittish. I’ve fished the Badger Creek nearby and caught and released a few nice brown trout recently.

I used my 8 foot tenkara rod and a Royal Humpy with a nymph on a dropper. I fished the Stevenson River at Marysville a few days ago. Again, very low and clear but I hooked and lost a few trout, a couple that were probably well over the pound mark as they pulled really hard on the 12 foot tenkara rod. Used a Black Woolly Worm–my favourite wet fly.”

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