Lawn Done; Wine and Striped Bass Steaks!

By / August 29, 2016 / Fishing

Back to the daily grind at work plus had to get some lawn work done. It’s that time of year when the lawn needs to be mowed more than once a week. So, no fishing… bummer! That said, we did cook Striped Bass steaks from Saturday’s fishing trip to Denison Dam… add a glass of wine and all is good despite not being able to fish today!


Lawn is done, glass of #wine while cooking #stripedbass steaks from Saturday’s #denisondam #flyfishing trip at #texoma

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Those Striped Bass fillets look delicious. Feet up with a glass of wine in hand–life is obviously good! Grass cut–you can go fishing guilt free. I got all my grass cut a few days ago and went up to Marysville yesterday. No luck but a good few hours fishing and unwinding after work.


Thanks Steve! Glass of wine, tasty good, and chores done are really nice. Work schedule has sidetracked me on fishing this week but do plan to at least practice with the Switch Rod some time this week. Bummer on no luck fishing at Marysville; agree that it's always good to go fishing!
Take care!


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