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By / January 16, 2018 / Waterloo Park Pond

Limited out at Waterloo Park Pond on trout but used a light lining technique as the trout were picky! For bait, tried Power Bait but soon learned the trout wanted corn instead. Video below demos the light lining technique; rig used was a split shot set a foot from a size 12 hook.

Light lining calls for using a small split shot that does not sink too fast when cast. In the video, we cast the rig, count to 4 or 5, then make a couple of turns on the reel to take up slack, and then watch our rig drift in the current. We repeat this until we feel the trout nipping at our bait, then we maintain line control while we watch our line.

If the line slackens, the trout is running in on us and we will take up the slack but not set the hook immediately. If the line tightens, then the trout is moving away and we will give line and continue to wait to set the hook.

Timing the hook set will vary, some times the trout will commit to the bait shortly after the initial bite. Other times, the trout will bite, then drop, then bite again before committing. If you keep missing the hook set, then wait a slightly longer on the next strike before setting the hook.

Hope the video helps Readers, and do keep light lining with corn in your back pocket whenever the trout become finicky!

PS: For more on the rig we used, see Trout Rig #4 in the article, “Power Bait Fishing Rigs for Rianbow Trout“.

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