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By / February 7, 2018 / Fishing

Been able to fish with the Rio Trout Max Shooting Head one several trips to local ponds as well as the Blue River in Oklahoma. So far, really liking the one-handed spey casting concept.

Started with several traditional Switch Rods, fishing them both one and two-handed. And then tried OPST’s Commando Shooting Head for one-handed casting on a 9′ 5wt fly rod. Now, tried the Rio Trout Max Shooting Head on an 8′ 4wt fly rod.

Really fun having a compact rod that does not require room for a back cast and no false casting to get the needed distance when required.

Been using a Switch Cast, Roll Cast, and the traditional Overhead Cast with great results. However, starting to settle on a variant of the “Perry Poke Cast” one-handed style for most instances.

Here is a short video demo of the Rio Trout Max below…

Shooting Head – Rio Trout Max #2 in 200 grain

Running Line – Rio SlickShooter 35lbs test

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That line works very well, Glenn. I can see a lot of uses in many of the places that I fish. Which weight line would you recommend for a single handed 9 foot 6wt?


Thanks Steve! Really liking it. For a 6wt, I found this suggestion… looks like the size #3.

RIO’s Skagit Trout Max Head’s mass distribution allows for easy, sustained-anchor casts with sink tips and weighted flies. Coupled with floating tips and long, tapered leaders, the heads delicately present nymphs and soft hackles. The short length makes them fantastic tools for casting in the tightest of quarters and also well-suited for a wide range of fly presentation techniques, including stripping, jigging and the traditional downstream swing.
Though primarily designed for light two-handed and Switch rods, these heads also perform exceptionally well on single-handed rods. Just step up 3 sizes for the correct loading – in other words, use the #2 Skagit Trout Max on a 5wt single handed rod, the #3 Skagit Trout Max on a 6wt single handed rod, and so on. These heads are built on RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for the maximum in bite detection, hook-ups, and straight up catchin!


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