Limited Out at Bethany Again Today…! #troutfishing

By / December 18, 2017 / Bethany Lakes

Made it to Bethany Lakes shortly after Noon today. Fished for about two hours and limited out. Caught three using a silver Kastmaster on a fast retrieve like we used the other day. Yesterday used Kastmaster in the 1/12oz size but lost them to snags. Picked up two more from Walmart but in the 1/8oz size. Used them today with no issue.

After catching three, went to the Switch Rod and tried various fishing flies; kept changing flies until a consistent pattern was found. Results were…

  • White Near Deere took one with several missed hooksets and one lost while lifting it up the high bank
  • Prince Nymph took one and more missed hooksets
  • Muddler Minnow had several takes but none landed
  • GRHEN had three landed and numerous missed hooksets

Overall, GRHEN was the consistent pattern!

Later, decided to mix it up and grill today’s catch instead of frying them. Used a recipe posted online. Tasty meal!


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