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Alrighty, fun time out and about this past Saturday at Medicine Park. Although we struck out on trout, did enjoy a great time outdoors before the temps started dropping below freezing. Even tried the World Famous Meers Burger and their Chicken Fried Steak… tasty meal!

Today, as temps hover below freezing, decided to test the livestream on YouTube. So far, it has been a hit or miss affair for us. Today, we edge a little closer to success. Going with the topic, “Three Places to Fish for Rainbow Trout in Oklahoma” the session went well despite a few hiccups.

Below is the rebroadcast below, plus a few pics of the dinner we had at Meers Restaurant and Store!



2 thoughts on “Livestream Test – Three Places to Fish for Rainbow Trout in OK!

    1. We like Medicine Park because it is less than an hour away from a Team Member’s house in Oklahoma, and if the fish aren’t biting, there are some tasty foods to be had at the local restaurants. That said, during the stocking season the section of the river that is stocked every two weeks will on occasion, include some nice sized trout! How far a drive are you from Medicine Park…? If in the OK City area, would try Turners Falls Park soon after it is stocked in November/December (changes from year to year depending on river conditions), or the Blue River. Also, really like the Lower Illinois River which is an easy day trip from OK City… plus it is stocked year round with trout!

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