“Look Ma No Wings”… Fly Tying Article Posted!

By / April 12, 2016 / Fishing

Been having fun catching fish these past few outings. One pattern in particular seems to be doing well on top water action for Bluegill and Bass.

We started using the Simple Foam Damsel Fly pattern we have used for many years. It has done well for us, but always on the lookout for other patterns to “test”, we began a search for other damsel fly patterns.

We settled on one that called for mono eyes, a tail made of flexible material, hackle, and closed instead of open wings. Not sure what material was used for the tail, we settled on Sparkle Braid and apply Hard As Nails fingernail polish to shape it

We liked the hackle concept and the little bit of foam used for the body but had a hard time with the closed wing made out of a clear material. So, dropping the wing, we created our variant of a Damsel Fly… this one for want of a better name is called “Look Ma No Wings”.

Do give it a try when you get a chance – “Fly Tying – Damsel Fly Variant” article link.


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