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Saturday, made the run to the Lower Mountain Fork for some fishing at Beavers Bend State Park near Broken Bow, OK. Been awhile since we went fishing on the Lower Mountain Fork, so did learn a few things… new fishing regulations and park fees – specifically, parking.

Was a hot day with lots of people out and about. Water was murky, too. So, struck out on trout but at least caught a couple of Bluegill to avoid a strikeout!

Do check out the video… lessons learned fishing the Lower Mountain Fork at Beavers Bend State Park – stay up to date on fishing regulations and park rules; fish for trout in cooler weather, and try scheduling a trip during the weekday to avoid the crowds.

All for now and Good Luck and Good Fishing!

2 thoughts on “Lower Mountain Fork Fishing Update | Tough Day | #beaverbendstatepark #rainbowtrout #troutfishing

  1. G’Day Glenn,
    Nice looking waters but obviously tough fishing. Glad you can get out. Here in Victoria, OZ, fishing and most outdoors recreation activities have been made illegal due to COVID19 restrictions. No fishing until probably the end of October! I’ll try to stay sane!
    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Steve! It’s a great place, just need to time it better when less crowded and water conditions are better. Bummer on the fishing in OZ. Do stay sane, and will standby for fishing updates come October!
      Take care and stay safe,

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