Make Your Senkos Last Longer with Super Glue #emmrod #senko #superglue

By / March 19, 2020 / Fishing

Super Glue and Senkos still works for getting a few more bass on the same Senko. Do see how I use it in the video where I “test” the EmmRod Senko Fishing Rod at the local pond for bass.

  • Skip to 4:50 to see the Super Glue being used.
  • Skip to 6:40 to see another tip to make the Senko last longer!

Was a tough go with murky water but it was promising with several strikes and misses. Luckily, the rain held off, and was able to keep fishing. Managed to hook but lose a Bass. Then, caught two in the “flats”, and one bass on its bed!

All went for Senkos, all caught using the EmmRod Senko Rod – Kayak King handle and Stream Master rod section. No issues casting, even for distance when needed.

Liking the setup… plan to be the “commuter rod” to keep handy while going to/from the day job! Moreover, only used one Senko this trip!

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