Micro Fly Rod and a Grasshopper!

By / April 28, 2016 / Bass, Bethany Lakes, Blue River, Fishing

Did more “testing” of the Micro Fly Rod made from the broken 8-weight fly rod yesterday at Bethany Lakes.

Worked well in combination with the Foam Grasshopper! Water was clear but still a lot of green stuff to clobber your line/fishing fly.

Saw lots of Bass cruising the shallows; good thing we stood several feet away from the bank when casting. Made a difference in hooking up with the Bass!

Went out today to a feeder creek that we have not been to in awhile. Working on the video; mainly Bluegill and Sunfish but did see several Bruisers cruising the area.

PS: The Catfish are lurking in the area; saw several Bruisers go for floating pieces of bread that the ducks missed.


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