Micro Fly Rods!

By / February 29, 2016 / Micro Fishing, Micro Fly Rod

Fished several places Sunday for Rainbow Trout and struck out. Getting ready to call it a day, but decided it was too nice a day to stay indoors.

On a whim, dusted off the Micro Fly Rods and went fishing for some “mini-Bruisers”. After changing fishing flies several times, found the pattern and the right size hook and started catching them!

Even caught a pretty fingerling Bass! Had a great time on a really nice Texas evening catching these “mini-Bruisers” on micro fishing gear!

Hope to try it again soon… still have components for another Wine Cork Micro Fly Rod; may get the “itch” to make another one!


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Looks like fun Glen.

I went out to Prosper last Saturday and it was muddy. Saw a few on bait but fly fishing was tough. Hopefully it clears up so I can go out and try again.

I also tried the five wt line on my 4 wt and it works great. Got another 20 feet on my cast.


It was tough that day. Muddy plus they stocked the whole pond instead of netting the one section. Got really lucky getting two to hit a fishing fly.

Glad the overlining the flyrod is working for you!

Good luck next round!


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