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Made the run to the local pond for Micro Skagit Fly Fishing using the 4wt – 6ft Redington Pursuit, 4/5wt Echo Ion Fly Reel, and the 200grn OPST Commando Head. Worked out well catching a Bluegill and one feisty little Bass. Fish were initially near the shoreline; did not need the distance cast that the OPST allowed. Mainly fished with the shooting head portion. Later, when the fish were across the pond from where I was casting, the OPST easily made the distance needed using minimal/no false casts. Also, noticed the local free concerts started again as well as the free In-N-Out Burger Meals… not a bad outing – fishing, live music, and free food! #opstcommandohead #microskagit #onehandedspey