Modified the Stocker Trout Fishing Hat…! #stockertroutfishing

By / July 17, 2017 / Fishing

Several months ago we had two hats embroidered with out website’s address – It was actually one hat with the address. The other hat was a typo; we forgot the Trout in

To remedy the situation, we hand-embroidered the word Trout onto the hat; however, it was hard to decipher the word from a distance. The letters tended to blur with one another and the shapes were in a cursive style that made it even harder to read than the “Times New Roman” font of the original lettering.

Luckily, your’s truly found an old Mepp’s patch (“TROUT”) we earned when we caught a Rainbow Trout in a stocked pond in Rhode Island way back when.

We used a Mepps Anglia Silver Bladed inline spinner to catch a 17″ trout which met Mepp’s length requirement for a patch! The program still exists today; for more details see Mepps Master Angler Program!

In short order, we added the patch to the hat; now we have two hats that can be read from a distance!

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