More Bass On a COAF Damsel Fly

By / March 21, 2015 / Bass, Bethany Lakes

The Team has shifted to warm water fishing! Hope to get one more round of Trout fishing in before the end of the month. But, as it gets warmer and other fishing picks up, we tend to “go with the flow”.

Lately, it seems the creeks and rivers are flowing as it has been raining. However, this morning the rain stopped enough to get a round of fishing in at Bethany Lakes.

Brought the five weight fly rod and more COAF Damsel Flies. This time, added a little white marabou so we can see it a little better in the water.

Had a number of Bass ignore the COAF Damsel Fly, had two others consider it but did not strike, and had three that went for it!  Fun stuff!

COAF Damsel Fly – Purple and White

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