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By / April 26, 2016 / Fishing

Another round at the local pond, caught more Bluegill and Sunfish. Not as big as yesterday but did get a nice Bruiser Bass that went 19″ in size.

Posted pictures on the Fishing Bulletin Board and got some action shots posted in the YouTube video posted below.

Bluegill went for a Grasshopper, Bass went for the Bluegill like yesterday but this time, we were able to bring the Bass in!

Fun stuff on a 4 weight!




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Are the bass stocked in this pond or a self replenishing population? The pond down the road from me is stocked with rainbows twice a year but has healthy populations of self sustaining perch, roach, goldfish and native blackfish.


Hi Steve, not sure when it was last stocked but it has been several years at least. Have heard of others putting in Bass and Catfish they caught elsewhere. Else, the Bass and Bluegill are self-sustaining. Take care!


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