More Standup Longboarding and Micro Flyrod Fishing! #longboarding #microflyrod

By / September 18, 2018 / Fishing

Decided to give the Standup Longboard workout and Micro Flyrod Fishing another try Sunday afternoon. Was a warm day but a nice one to catch a few Sunfish and Bluegill using the Telescoping Micro Flyrod and the Elk Hair Caddis. We really like the portability of the rod; when collapsed, easily fits in our shirt pocket. Even better, it does not interfere with the “paddling stroke” when standup longboarding.

Video snippet has a view of the run that has just the right amount of slope to cruise down in one direction with ease, while allowing for a reasonable “paddle” back “upstream” to the starting point. It’s a workout but not enough to cause yours truly to step off the longboard and walk!

Do check out the video and for more on the making your own Micro Flyrod see our article at COAF Micro Flyrod

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