More Underwater Fishing Video…. #underwatervideo

By / July 6, 2020 / Fishing

Been trying various cameras and rigs or underwater fishing videos like we did when we had the Water Wolf Camera. Ended up losing it last year, so have made several rigs for an old GoPro Hero.

So far, able to observe fish and their reaction to treated and untreated Scud patterns as part of our test of the Gulp Garlic Marinade. Plan to continue “testing” as our results are inconclusive.

Did get the itch to try capturing a live bait strike with a Bluegill… no luck this round, but did find old video from the Water Wolf Camera as a consolation.

That said, since no Water Wolf Cameras are in stock, and learned GoFish – with a wireless feature, has cameras in stock. Placed an order!

Do check back, plan to do more “testing” of the Gulp Marinade and live bait action shots!

GoFish Camera:

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