Murphy City Complex Park Pond This Round. #flyfishing

By / October 1, 2017 / Fishing

Having done well at Stoney Hollow Park Pond in Plano, decided to fish another pond that we have not fished since last trout stocking season – Murphy City Complex Park Pond in Murphy… just down the road from South Fork where the filmed the show Dallas way back when.

Have caught some nice Catfish and Bass but always on bait – especially live Bluegill in the 3″ size. Was hoping the Purple Damsel Fly would get a Bass or two but as it turned out, it was a Bluegill. Switched to a number of fishing flies as well but mojo was off and kept missing strikes or hooking “tree fish”!

Did break the streak when a Bluegill went for a Near Deere, and then started “river fishing” for Bluegill by the water fountain; water current being generated did a pretty good job of simulating the current in some rivers we have fished!

Afterwards, fished the pier and caught more Bluegill. Was getting ready to call it a trip but decided to tie on the Damsel Fly Variant we use to mimic a dragon fly. As luck would have it, caught a Bass! Fun stuff!


Video of the action back in February 2017 when the pond was stocked with trout!

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