Murphy City Hall Pond This Round

Happy Fourth of July… started out catching little fish, ended up hooking into to two nice ones… a Catfish and a Bass!

Fished Murphy City Hall Pond this morning. Used a Tandem Rigged Near Deere and GRHEN to catch a number of Sunfish and Bluegill.

Bite was good; even caught two at the same time on the Tandem Rig. Kept at it and started noticing some nice size Bass were chasing the hooked fish while being reeled in.

Twice a Bass took a hooked fish, and twice we fought it before the Bass let go of the Sunfish before it could be landed. Kept on fishing until a nice size Catfish took the Nymph. After a good fight on the four weight rod, was able to land it.

While unhooking it, noticed it had a Khale Hook in the side of its mouth. Looked like someone hooked it but it got away when the line broke.

Taking advantage of the situation, quickly caught a Sunfish on the GRHEN, tied on the Khale Hook, and baited up with the Sunfish.

In a short while, a Bass took it and put up a nice fight… went about 17″ in length! Fun stuff!


 PS: Went back this evening with Zeke. Caught more Sunfish and Bluegill. Zeke managed to hook and land two Catfish – one went about 16″; other went 25″!

16″ Catfish

25″ Catfish

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