Murphy City Hall Pond This Round

By / February 21, 2015 / Murphy City Hall Pond

Made it to Murphy City Hall Pond today. Arrived just as the Trout Derby was winding down. Looked like a lot of folks hooked up with the Rainbow Trout.

Gave it a try starting out with a Tandem Rig – Olive/White Near Deere and a GRHEN. After a few missed strikes, found my “mojo” and began hooking up consistently.

Even did some catch and release with strikes on a Tandem Rig – Olive Near Deere and Soft Hackle, Olive Near Deere, BH GRHEN, and an Olive/Brown Near Deere.

Overall, the Trout seemed to be striking at everything thrown at them. But, would say the Olive/Brown Near Deere seemed to get the most bites this time.

Fun stuff… even broke out the Micro Fly Rod and caught a few with it. Plus, caught a Golden Trout that went for a Near Deere!


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