Murphy for Trout This Round! #guadalupana #flyfishing

By / February 26, 2017 / Fishing

Made it to Murphy today after the Trout Derby. Limited out using the Guadalupana in size 12 and 14. Also, had fun catching and releasing them! If able, may try another round tomorrow – Sunday morning!


Log Book Entry: 2/25/17

  • Location: Murphy City Complex Pond – Main Pond (Murphy)
  • Time: 11:30 – 15:00
  • Weax: Clear, “Long Sleeves”, Slight Breeze
  • Rod: Redington Pursuit 4wt – 8′
  • Reel: Ross Flystart Model 2 – 4wt Flyline



  • Derby was wrapping up on arrival; looked like a number of limits were taken using Power Bait, Trout Worms, and Corn.
  • Also noted the Super Duper in Gold and Silver were getting lots of strikes!
  • Delayed counted, followed by a fast retrieve was working for Super Dupers. Later, it looked like a slower retrieve was preferred.
  • Guadalupana was the go to fly again. Trout were striking on a slow retrieve and/or no retrieve at first. Later, a 6-12 count delay, then a fast retrieve was preferred. Then, a stop and go retrieve like we used at Towne Lake was preferred.


  • 44 Rainbow Trout – 9″-12″ – Guadalupana – Sz 12 and 14




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