Nail Knot Tying Tool: Making a Simple Line Strike Indicator #strikeindicator #flyfishing #nailknot

By / August 12, 2017 / Fishing

Here is a video on how we use the Tie Fast Nail Knot Tying Tool to make a simple line strike indicator.  The line strike indicator uses a section of dacron fly line backing with dry fly dressing applied to it. The one end of the dacron line is attached to your fly line; the other end has a perfection loop that provides for a loop to loop connection to your fly line leader.

We like to keep the Tie Fast Nail Knot Tying Tool in out fly fishing vest, so it is readily available for those instances where we have to retie a leader while in the field…

It’s quick and simple to make; the loop to loop connection makes for quick changes of leaders, and does not require additional cutting of the fly line once attached to the fly line leader!


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