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By / February 9, 2020 / Fishing

Was not sure if we would make it to Frisco to fish the Commons Pond for stocked trout. Luckily, there was a break in the weekend events. Made the short run Saturday from Allen to Frisco and fished Frisco Commons Pond for rainbow trout.

Recently stocked as well as the annual Trick-A-Trout Derby was held that morning, the pond was crowded. Luckily, the bite was on! Able to limit out fishing an Olive Near Deere set 3′ under a strike indicator.

No need to retrieve the fishing fly after casting. Instead, let the wind and waves move the strike indicator and let your rig drift with the wind. Watch for the strike, and set the hook!

Anticipating the crowd, swapped the Hydros Fly Reel with the Echo Ion Reel that was lined with the Rio Trout Max Skagit Head. Made for ease of casting for distance despite the wind and a shortened backcast due to people all around!

Video shows the action on Saturday, and then summarizes Sunday’s action… was able to fish Sunday morning before it started raining versus misting.

Sunday’s action required no strike indicator instead short pulls of the line and a fast retrieve had the trout striking at first light. Later, as the morning progressed, the bite slowed… Shifted to a slower retrieve with long pulls of the line and pauses to watch for any strikes.

Overall, a fun time… Olive Near Deere did well! Do stay tuned for the Giveaway Wednesday, 2/12/2020… it’s two Near Deere and a Tenkara Fly. See the video for more details!

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