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Nice weather and more daylight to fish after work. So, best thing to do is go fishing. Headed to Bethany Lakes with the Four Weight Fly Rod and an Olive Near Deere.

Fished for about an hour. Was able to catch 10 Bass or so. May have missed the count +/- 1 but did not miscount the lost fish. Had two throw the hook, and a nice one that broke off.

Still a great time; even better knowing the Olive Near Deere – same one that we used in Prosper for Rainbow Trout, works for Bass too!

2 thoughts on “Near Deere Works for Bass!

  1. I guess those little bass fight better on a 4wt than those little trout. I may have to give that a try one afternoon. Looks like fun.

    1. Hi Stephen, lotta fun on the 4wt! Action should get better in the next few weeks, too!

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