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Suggestion from one of the Facebook Fishing Groups that I am a member. Broke my wooden wading stick that I had for years this past Sunday. Planned to get another stick floating in the river to replace it, and then it was suggested to use Walking Sticks also called Trekking Poles.

Picked this one up at Academy Sports for $9.99! Liking the lightweight aluminum and the telescoping/collapsible function. Moreover, pulled the rubber tip to screw on the mud guard on and noticed a “cleat” like tip already in place.

I think this suggestion will work; plan to use it this Season! More to come!

2 thoughts on “New Wading Stick | Repurposed Walking Stick from Academy Sports $9.99

  1. G’Day Glenn,
    I use a repurposed ski pole that I bought at a thrift/goodwill store as a wading stick. The two were very cheap. I attach it to my belt with a length of light nylon rope. Being hollow aluminium(or aluminum as you call it!) it floats when not being held. I’ve also picked up a couple of those trekking poles at thrift shops but only use them when I go on a hike. Anything similar that has a fly fishing brand on it bucks the price up astronomically!
    Still enjoying “Stocker Trout Fishing “posts. I hope you and the family are doing fine.


    1. Hi Steve! Looks like the idea works; hope to try it on the next trip. All good here. Hope all is well in Oz.

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