Too Nice a Day; Went Fishing

By / March 27, 2016 / Bass, Bethany Lakes

Morning started out cold, overcast, and windy. Braved the conditions and managed to catch one little Bass and lose two others at Bethany Lakes.

Later, noticed the sun was out and temps were much better than the morning. So, decided to return to Bethany Lakes in the afternoon.

Used a variant of the COAF Damsel Fly – we bent back the hook like we learned from the TRWD Flyfest Fly Tying demo of the Bent Back Clouser. It worked well, but ended up losing the two fishing flies we had to “tree fish”. Switched to a Mardis Gras Near Deere; fish continued to strike at it.

Water was clear and polarized glasses were key especially with one bass caught on it’s bed and another bass that required repeated casts to finally catch itas it kept turning away at the last moment.

Ended the afternoon with one Bluegill and thirteen Bass. Most were small but was a great time fishing on a really nice day!

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